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Central Autopoint provides specialist Electronic repairs in Corby, Oundle, Uppingham, Mark Harborough and surrounding areas for our customers.

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Vehicle Diagnostic and Programming Equipment

In modern cars, more and more of the functions are carried out electronically so it is becoming increasing necessary for your local mechanic to also be a fully qualified auto electrician. At Central Autopoint, we have gone through the specialist training and qualification, and have the up to date equipment required to take care of any electrical issues you may be having with your car.

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We have an enormous range of specialist vehicle diagnostics equipment available covering most makes and models of cars, including many vehicle manufacturer specific tools. As vehicle electronics become more sophisticated, we continue to invest in new equipment in order to maintain our position as leading specialist electrical technicians.


Our expertise doesn’t end with the electrics that you can see, no matter the age, make and model of your vehicle, we also have all the up to date equipment to diagnose and repair electrical faults that may arise with things such as electronic ignitions, engine management systems, immobilisers, and tracking devices. So, when any of those many lights appear on your dash, pop in and see us for quick diagnosis and repair, plus excellent customer service, we will even make you a coffee while you wait!

In Car Additions

Here at Central Autopoint we are fully qualified to take care of all your auto electrical needs. Whether it is fitting your new car stereo, or perhaps a fully integrated hands-free system you’ve had your eye on but are a bit confused by the vast array of wires involved, we can do it for you. We can also fit in car entertainment systems, tow bar electrics, parking warning systems, car lighting kits and dashboard and reverse cameras. Of course, we are also fully qualified to carry out repairs to central locking systems, electric mirrors, windows, sunroofs and electric seats.

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If you want to book a DPF clean with us give us a call or book online anytime. We can help you any issues fixed and get ongoing help to avoid expensive cleans and repairs further down the line. Get in touch with us here at Central Autopoint and we’ll be happy to help. You can book a free quote or visual inspection by selecting “I have a problem with my car” on the online booking tool.

Auto Electrician testing Fuses
Auto Electrician replacing Car Battery
Auto Electrician working on a car
Auto Electrician replacing Car Battery

Auto Electrician Services We Offer:

  • Diagnostics
  • Electrical faults
  • ABS or traction control
  • Engine management problems
  • Airbag & SRS Problems
  • Body control systems
  • Emissions
  • Injectors
  • ECU fault
Diagnostics taking place

Monitoring & Logging

We have recently invested in new equipment allowing us to carry out on-vehicle monitoring of sensors or actuators while the vehicle is in our workshop or being driven under any load or speed condition.

In addition to monitoring live data received by the ECU, we can also monitor the actual outputs from sensors and check fuelling with our Wideband Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) equipment. This equipment is much more accurate than the O2 sensors fitted to vehicles, enabling us to see exactly what is going on inside the engine so we at can diagnose and fix problems which would otherwise be virtually impossible to detect.

As well as allowing us to diagnose faults, this equipment can also be used to determine the most significant areas that can be improved on any vehicle, allowing us to recommend changes or remap the vehicle for performance and or economy.

Immobiliser Problems

Immobiliser problems are caused by a range of issues including key fobs which have lost their coding or with lost transducer chips, damaged or corroded wiring, faulty ECUs, can bus errors, faulty sensors and actuators, corrupted body ECUs, faulty BSI Units and damaged receiver rings.

Vehicles are brought to us every day of the week with immobiliser problems and our experts have many years’ experience diagnosing the problem and fixing it in the most cost-effective way.

ABS or Traction Control

Immobiliser problems are caused by a range of issues including key fobs which have lost their coding or with lost transducer chips, damaged or corroded wiring, faulty ECUs, can bus errors, faulty sensors and actuators, corrupted body ECUs, faulty BSI Units and damaged receiver rings.

As well as the danger that this poses for you, your passengers and other road users and pedestrians, your insurance will be invalid in this light is on at the time of an accident.

ABS Light Staying On

If your ABS or Traction Control light does not go off within a few moments of driving, you should get the car to a specialist as soon as possible to have the problem diagnosed and fixed. Many ABS problems are caused by faulty batteries, failed wiring or connectors, broken brake light switches and broken brake light bulbs.

Engine Management Problems

We are experts in correctly diagnosing and fixing engine management problems. Many customers come to us after visiting a string of different garages which have all failed to determine why a “check engine management” light is showing on the dashboard.

Our superior diagnostic equipment allows us to pinpoint the problem every time, even when main dealers have failed to do it. A number of main dealers in this area bring any engine management problems to us without trying to find and fix the problem themselves as it is more cost-effective for them to pay us for a correct diagnosis than to have their own mechanics struggling to solve an ECU problem which is beyond the scope of their own expertise.

Airbag & SRS Problems

Your insurance is unlikely to be valid if an airbag warning light is showing, so if you are involved in an accident you will not receive a pay-out from your insurers.

Airbag or SRS Light On

One of the most common problems is caused by adjusting the seats in a car. The wiring for airbags and SRS systems is generally thin and stiffens with age. When seats are adjusted it is common for the wires to break or for connectors to be pulled apart.

We have a wide range of test equipment at our disposal, helping us to quickly identify the area of the car that is causing a problem.

The majority of cars have common faults that we have seen on many previous occasions, our experience can frequently avoid dismantling dashboards and other measures, resulting in significant savings for our customers.


Airbags contain sensitive and volatile explosives. Please do not attempt to work on or even disconnect any wires or connectors related to the airbag SRS system. Disconnecting a connector can result in activation and personal injury as well as damage to the seats, dashboard or other parts of the vehicle. Disconnecting the battery is not enough to avoid these dangers.

Body Control Systems

The majority of cars manufactured since early 2000 have had one or more Body Control ECUs which perform all sorts of functions. BMW, Mercedes, VW and some other car makers introduced these before 2000.

Gone are the days when you push a switch that completes an electrical circuit to open a window. These days it is more likely that pushing a switch sends a signal through your car’s Can Bus Network to the Body Control Ecu which then sends a signal to the window control motor which then opens the window.

The reason for this is that it allows such things as automatic window closure when you lock or alarm the car.

The problem is that while all this extra functionality may seem like a good idea when everything is new, as soon as moisture and condensation get into the systems it does not take much to cause all manner of problems.


When there is a problem with your vehicle which affects emissions, it will automatically disable certain features to prevent any major problems, putting the vehicle into “limp mode/.”

You will notice a loss of power when your vehicle is in limp mode. Whereas many garages will advise you to swap a sensor or change your catalytic converter, our expertise enables us to determine which component is at fault, or if there is a wiring issue, and fix the emissions problem, saving you the time and money involved in replacing parts and systems which are not actually broke/n.

The type of issues we can fix range from airbag, abs, alarm and immobiliser issues, burned out wires and looms and many more.

Diesel Injectors and Injection Systems

Our specialist test equipment enables us to thoroughly test common rail diesel injectors and systems, including low pressure and high-pressure fuel pumps. Mechanical diesel injectors can also be examined on our test rig, for leaks, opening pressures and spray patterns.

On most rail diesel systems, many components need to be correctly programmed to the vehicle and we are able to adjust all calibration settings to their correct settings.

If your diesel vehicle suffers from any of the following contact us and rest assured, we at will pinpoint the fault correctly and fix or replace the necessary part at the most cost-effective rate.

Petrol Injector Testing, Cleaning & Calibration

Electronically controlled fuel injectors are durable and precise metering systems capable of pulsing for millions of cycles.

ECU Replacement

We see an increasing number of cars which are brought to us with “ECU failure”. In fact, many of these cars while having problems do not have failed ECUs.

Many garages and repair workshops unable to find the actual fault with a vehicle blame the problem on the ECU.

ECUs do fail for a number of reasons. Water damage is a common problem as is jump leads being connected the wrong way round.

We are able to repair the ECU on most makes and models of car. In some cases, it is more cost-effective to replace a failed ECU with a used or re-manufactured unit.

We can supply most ECU’s quickly and economically and are happy to offer help and advice, often saving hundreds of pounds on the cost of a new unit.