Engine Replacement in Corby

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As there are many things that can go wrong in engine failure we offer the service of sourcing a new or 2nd hand replacement engine from one of our suppliers whom we use on a regular basis and can normally have delivery within 4/5 working days depending on availability of the engine required.

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Our Process for Engine Replacement

We help source the correct engine replacement to save you any problems and so that we know it is a direct fit. All work would be carried out in our garage workshop.

Firstly, we would remove your old engine from your vehicle ready for the delivery of the new donor engine arriving. Then we remove any parts from the engine that we would need to put onto the new one.

This would also mean that the gearbox in the vehicle would be stripped off and an examination of the clutch pressure plate is made whilst everything is out of the car resting on our engine crane/hoist.

If we source a second-hand engine it is good practice to re-new the Timing Belt kit and Water Pump.