How Often Should You Service Your Car?

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Central Autopoint - How Often Should You Service Your Car?

How Often Should You Service Your Car?

A car service, unlike an MOT is not mandatory, however it is strongly recommended for many reasons, including: Making sure your car is in working order, to maintain its value, to save you money in the long run and to extend the life of your car. There are 3 different service types to choose from at Central Autopoint – A major service, full service or interim service. Not sure which one’s best for you? Check out the table below.

What Type of Service Does My Car Need?

 When (Miles)When (Duration)Cost
Major Service-Bi-yearlyFrom £157
Full Service12,000 MilesAnnuallyFrom £112
Interim Service6,000 MilesEvery 6 monthsFrom £87

A major service is the most comprehensive of all the service types, as it includes all 60 checks and items to make sure your car is working to its full potential. A full service is the most common service type, which, while it only includes 40 of the 60 checks and items, it is done more regular`ly and costs less per service. An interim service is the cheapest service type, therefore includes the least amount of checks, an interim service is recommended for motorists who either drive their car very often (for example: driving their car is part of their job) or if the car being driven is older than most.

Why Does My Car Need Servicing?

There are various reasons for needing your car serviced and making sure it’s up to date.

  1. Making sure your car is in working order with regular servicing to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive and to prevent any problems from happening.
  2. Maintaining the value of your car if you’re likely to sell your car in the future. This is because most buyers will look at the service history of your car when considering buying it to make sure it’s been well looked after and matches the price you are advertising it for.
  3. Saving you money by preventing any damages to your car which could result in expensive, but preventable bills.
  4. Extending the life of your car and improving the performance as everything should be working properly.

What’s Involved in a Car Service?

There are different amount of checks depending on the service you get. However, all of the services will include an oil and filter change, which is one of the most important parts of any service. This is because not only does it help your car run better, it will also improve the vehicles fuel efficiency.

Also, within all of the checks, our garage will check the following:

Check windscreen wipers and washer’s operation and condition

Top up windscreen washer reservoir with additive if required

Drain engine oil

Replace oil filter

Refill with fresh oil

Check and advise on general oil leaks

Check coolant level and top up

Advise on antifreeze strength

Check timing belt replacement intervals and advise

Check AdBlue (top up extra cost)

Top up brake fluid if required

Visual check of brake pads for wear

Check tyre condition and tyre depths

Check and adjust tyre pressures

Check power steering fluid reservoir for leaks and top up

Check steering rack gaiters condition

Visually check and advise on condition of exhaust

Check clutch fluid level (if applicable)

Check transmission oil leaks

Reset vehicle service light where applicable

Stamp service book

Stamp printout of BookMyGarage service schedule

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