Three Lesser Known Causes of a Failed MOT

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Three Lesser Known Causes of a Failed MOT – Central Autopoint

MOT tests are tougher than ever before, so it’s always worth remaining vigilant when you prepare for yours. A failed MOT is bad news for you and your car, so here’s three things you should always check before your test. You might not consider them an issue, but all three can land you in hot water with the DVSA.

Obscured Vision

A whole host of in-car extras cause a failed MOT. Air fresheners, windscreen stickers and even your Sat Nav or phone holder can be dangerous if placed incorrectly. You must be able to clearly see the road ahead at all times to pass the MOT test so, if your tester deems that these items obstruct your view, your car will fail.

Either remove them completely or affix them at the edges of your vision. And that might include moving your favourite fluffy dice as well!

Dirty Car

You can’t just go hiding any damaged bodywork or sharp edges that might also lead to a failed MOT! An excessively dirty car presents a bad picture to the tester. If you don’t take care of your car’s appearance, they might suspect that something else is wrong. Use a car wash before your MOT test and clean your bodywork up.

What’s more, your car might fail its MOT on environmental or health grounds if there’s too much rubbish in the cabin. An MOT tester always has the right to refuse your car a test if they think it might affect their health. So, clear out your crisp packets, chocolate bar wrappers and plastic bottles before driving to the garage.

Number Plates

Obviously, your car needs number plates to pass its MOT. They must also be legible and printed in the correct font. If you have custom plates, ensure they meet all the necessary guidelines otherwise they’ll cause a failed MOT. Finally, check the bulb above your rear number plate. If it’s broken, you need to repair it before your test. Faulty bulbs are the number one cause of MOT failure, so don’t get caught out! Check yours and replace any broken ones before your car’s test.

These may seem like small details, but sometimes they’re the difference between passing and failing. Always check your car before booking an MOT with Central Autopoint in Corby for the best chance of passing. If your test date is fast approaching, why not use our online booking system and secure your appointment today?