What do I do when I need an MOT retest?

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What do I do when I need an MOT retest? – Central Autopoint

Many of us assume the very worst when we hear the dreaded words ‘your car has failed its MOT.’ Suddenly, expensive repairs are looming and the possibility of a couple of days without your car seem more real than ever. How do you cope in that situation? As Central Autopoint Corby explains, there’s no need to panic so much if you need an MOT retest. The path from MOT failure to pass isn’t as difficult to follow as many people think.

Find out exactly why you need an MOT retest

First of all, ask the mechanic for the exact reason why your car needs an MOT retest. Once you know what repairs you need and have discussed how long they’ll take and how much they’ll cost, you’re immediately in a stronger position. This information means you can start planning your life to fit these repairs in accordingly.

Act on all advice immediately

It goes without saying that getting the faults fixed as soon as possible speeds up the MOT retest process. There’s not much point delaying, especially if your MOT has expired or the mechanic found a dangerous fault. You can’t drive on the roads without a valid MOT certificate without facing a significant fine and a dangerous fault poses a significant safety threat to you and other drivers – so you’re not allowed on the roads either.

Book in your MOT retest

After the repairs are complete, your car can go straight in for its MOT retest. Usually, the garage who failed your original MOT has carried out the repairs and so can complete your retest as well. In theory, this will be quick, straightforward and is almost guaranteed to end up in a pass. Once that pass certificate has been issued, your life can get back on track!

How long will all this take?

There’s no exact time limit for rectifying an MOT failure, as the severity of repairs is a massive factor. You should always be prepared to lose your car for a couple of days, just in case additional problems are found.

Here at Central Autopoint, we’re committed to your safety but also getting you back on the roads in good time. If you ever need an MOT retest with us, we’ll work our hardest to cause as little disruption to your life as possible while also delivering the highest quality repairs we can.

We’re always here for you so, if you need an MOT test, retest or any general repairs, book your appointment online today!