What’s Wrong with My Car?

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What’s Wrong with My Car? More Than MOT & Servicing…

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Garages provide a wide range of automotive services, that don’t just include getting your car’s MOT test or service. There are many different components of your car, and at some point, something is bound to go wrong with at least one of them, but with little knowledge on how a car works, how would you know the specifics?

How to Self-Diagnose an Issue with Your Car

Taking your car to a garage can be a daunting experience when you have no knowledge on cars. So, it’s best to narrow down what the issue could possibly be before speaking to a garage. There are usually warning signs that tend to come up when something is wrong with your car. For example, you may be able to smell burning wood or rubber, or your car might be hard to shift. Both of these could mean more than one thing but, providing the garage with this information will give them a better indication of what the problem could be before carrying out a diagnostic test.

How Much Will It Cost You?

It all depends on what the issue is, at Central Autopoint, you can book a 15-minute free while-u-wait clutch check or a diagnostic check for £60 which involves scanning your car’s engine control unit to provide a list of any problems and error codes. At our garage, we offer a range of different services outside of MOTs and servicing which include, DPF cleaning, diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment and clutch repairs or replacements just to name a few. Not sure which one fits your issue best? We’ve broke down each service we offer below so you have more of an idea of what will most likely have to be carried out on your car.

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Cleaning

If you own a diesel car, it will have a diesel particulate filter. This is responsible for filtering out all the dirt and soot from the engine, which helps the car perform better. However, over time, the filter itself can get blocked with the same dirt and soot, or even worse, oil and ash. Cleaning out the filter and identifying the reason why it got blocked in the first place is very important in making sure your car is able to regenerate and self-clean, so the blockage doesn’t keep happening. A DPF is cleaned using specialist equipment and an advanced process, so it’s important you take it to a garage with the correct equipment and a good reputation.

A Diesel Particulate Filter

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repairs

Diamond cut alloys give your wheels a clean, sporty look. However, like all alloys, they can still get grazed and chipped. Using a diamond cutting lathe will take off a thin layer of the metal ensuring that the wheel looks brand new again. However, as this is taking off layers, it can only be done a few times before the wheel is unsafe to use, therefore needing replacing. Once the wheels are cut, a protective lacquer will be sprayed over ensuring the wheel can survive from all the elements. A lot of garages will even give you the option of adding a tint of colour to the lacquer which can be a nice touch.

A Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel

Clutch Repairs

If you own a manual car, you’ll know that the clutch is one of the most important components of the car, and it’s usually easier to spot when something is wrong with it because you’re using it so much! It might be that the clutch is juddering, slipping or dragging. The causes for each of these all differ so although you know there’s problem with the clutch, there are many different parts of the clutch and transmission system that could be affecting how the clutch pedal is feeling. At Central Autopoint, we provide a 15-minute free clutch check and are able to diagnose the issue within that time.

Are You in Need of an Auto Electrician?

Issues with the electrical components of your vehicle are usually harder to spot that, because it’s all mostly happening inside the vehicle, that you can’t see. This involves many aspects of the car, like airbag and SRS problems, ABS or traction control issues and ECU replacement. To diagnose most of these issues, specialist vehicle diagnostics equipment is necessary in order to be accurate with the repairs carried out. Auto electrician repairs cover a wide range of issues, so if you’re still not sure what could be the problem with your car, it is best to contact your local garage.

The Solution You’ve Been Looking For…

At Central Autopoint, we have a team of engineers/technicians and technology to proudly say we are specialists in all of these areas, so if you live in Corby or the surrounding areas and there’s something wrong with your vehicle, visit us at Central Autopoint, alternatively, book online through our website, or call us on 01536261619.