Why do I need a specialist garage for my hybrid car service?

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Why do I need a specialist garage for my hybrid car service? – Central Autopoint

In light of the climate emergency, more and more drivers are choosing hybrid cars as their preferred mode of transport. This influx in new technology means new challenges for mechanics and garages as hybrid cars can’t be treated exactly the same as a normal combustion vehicle. But why is that? And why does that mean you need a specialist garage like Central Autopoint for your hybrid car service?

There are only a few similarities between a car service and a hybrid car service

The main reason why you need a specialist hybrid qualified garage is because of the different composition of a hybrid engine. A petrol or diesel car works quite differently when compared with a hybrid and, while there are several similarities, the crucial differences we’ll discuss later really set a hybrid car apart.

Fortunately, mainly thanks to these similarities, a hybrid car service isn’t much more expensive than a regular service and, provided your chosen garage has the correct specialisms, doesn’t take that much longer either. Should the mechanic not be properly trained, you could cause a lot more problems than you solve by booking with them.

So, what are the main differences?

Hybrid technology isn’t wholly different to a combustion engine, but the main factor is the electric motor which helps the petrol engine drive the car. Most mechanics won’t know how to care for or repair this which is why you should always look to book with a hybrid specialist for your next service.

It requires a special level of care and attention to carry on delivering the performance, economy and emission reduction that you expect from a hybrid car. If it isn’t working properly and doesn’t help power your car for short bursts of acceleration (such as from 0 – 15 mph), your hybrid will struggle to drive like it should.

A specialist garage has the best equipment to take care of sensitive components

This significant difference and new technology mean that more extensive training is needed for mechanics. To complete a high-quality hybrid car service, your mechanic needs to hold an IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) certificate and use specialist equipment to repair the electric motor, generator and regenerative braking features that come as standard on every hybrid.

This regenerative braking reduces the strain on your brakes, so you don’t need to press the pedal so hard to slow the car down. It also decreases the natural wear and tear on these components, so they’ll last longer and save you more money in the long run. If that gets damaged by a lesser qualified mechanic, you could be in serious danger.

Clearly, a specialist garage is needed for your hybrid car service due to the higher levels of care needed to keep it in top condition. Here at Central Autopoint, we can provide that level of service! We’re fully IMI trained to deliver exceptional hybrid car services so, if you think we can help you, enquire about booking yours online today!